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November 29, 2011
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Kazik Wojcik CharacterSheet.. by Kai1984 Kazik Wojcik CharacterSheet.. by Kai1984
My Assassin O.C. that I contributed to :iconunitedassassini:

Character Sheet Template can be found here [link]

Kazik Wójcik

Born: March 2nd 1578 [Poland]

Bastard Son of Henry of Valois [ Henry the III]
Mother Deceased in 1580 gave the child up to the church when gravely ill with Plague [The Black Death].

Ancestor to Darim Ibn-La'Ahad [son of Altaďr Ibn-La'Ahad and Maria Thorpe] who at some point in 1246 A.D. fell in love with Margaret of Provence, but left to return to Maysaf in 1247 to aid his father with re-establishing the Assassin Order after reclaiming the Title of Mentor of the Order.

[Margaret was barely with child but did not know it at the time, and was betrothed to King Louis IX of France and it was assumed that the child was King Louis.....this is the mystery on how Kazik Wójcik is related to Altaďr Ibn-La'Ahad]

Roughly Kazik's story will be searching for a few of Altair's Codex that were lost yet again, and maybe a new piece of Eden that I may have to develop...

This was fun to make!! Aside from the actual background everything was made from scratch...:woohoo:

Cheers :ahoy:

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