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Kai's Saiyan Forms... by Kai1984 Kai's Saiyan Forms... by Kai1984


It's Finally DONE!!!

Sorry folks, this took a bit longer than I anticipated.
This is my final and true concept of Kai and his Saiyan Forms...

This is strictly a physical special effects, no auras, just Kai in his forms....

I will give a brief explanation about each form and why I chose what I did. This way, in high hopes nobody says "this wouldn't have happened or why did you do that? You should have it this way....etc etc" [Because if you're too lazy to read the description I feel I don't need to acknowledge your ignorance.]

I'm all about keeping true to the series, but I'm also all for being unique and working with loopholes in the story, thus making my OC his own and that will stand out.


Originally Kai was designed with the traditional Saiyan features...dark eyes and dark hair. Having Fled Planet Vegeta at the age of 3 and living on Yardrat til he was a young adult. Having such exposures on a different world via the atmosphere, a different sun, climate, agriculture for such a long duration some of his features would eventually change.
It's why Kai has a greyish shade to his hair, and why his eyes are Green.


There has been some confusion for a long time after they switched the SSJ to SSJ2 hair style. Originally in the Frieza Saga when Goku transformed his hair had a more square/block structure compared to the evolved version where it's hard to tell the difference between SSJ and SSJ2 except for a spikier appearance, but even then it's still hard to tell at times. So I went with the original Concept with this form. Also to note, I lightened the skin this time around to keep true to the series and I added a lighter pupil to add more depth. I was never really happy with how they looked kind of blind.


This form I struggled with for quite sometime in the design phase. I originally was going to make this the more updated SSJ form, but I could not for the life of me come up with a spikier SSJ2 look. This is Kai's preferred Form. He is at his best with no side effects and can maintain this form for as long as he needs.


This is the first time I have introduced this look. I have honestly not been a fan of SSJ3. Probably because I don't like to draw all the hair :facepalm:
Since I don't care for it, it seemed fitting that this forms comes with a price for Kai [also to not make him a power machine either].
When Kai is in this form not only is he extremely hot-headed but his body rejects this form and can only sustain it for a few short minutes. His stamina is quickly used up, and his body literally breaks down. Think of the effects of what happened to Goku when he used Kaio-ken x4 in the Saiyan Saga. It's the same principles but more fatal. I also added the veins to show an increase of power.


This form was enjoyable yet a headache. I wanted to be as unique with this as possible via colors and overall concept. I wanted to keep some of the original hair style idea behind it, but also do what they did in DBGT. With my version, not only does Kai not need to transform into a Golden Oozaru, but he doesn't go through a metamorphosis of a different attire either. I understand the concept of this form is so powerful it literally obliterates the upper portion of clothing. No one that I know of has done a version of this in Saiyan Armor, and we all know that the Armor has the abilities to expand and is quite durable. So I will gladly have his upper suit disintegrate and show more fur but the armor will have the ability to remain. Also to note, during this phase his clothing will look darker as well as his skin because of the high power transformation that occurs. This is the only form that his Tail will change color.
I firmly believe that no matter what form between normal and SSJ3 the tail will remain the same brown. Not the gold look when transformed. Originally I had Kai's eyes go back to his original color, but I found the purple eye color looked much better.

So there it is...Kai is OFFICIALLY 100% long last
I would like to Thank ALL OF YOU that have been a huge support of my OC and have helped me improve him along a very long long road.

Comments and Critiques are always appreciated
Cheers :ahoy:

:iconkai1984: Kai
:icondragonballzplz: Akira Toriyama
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Credit goes to where credit is due.

Can I write you a critique Kai ;D ?
Just kidding, I'mk already doing that ^.^

Anyway, here we go...
The pose you choose for all the forms looks good to me (It's old right ?), proportions are good, I don't see any problems there except one, his neck is huge O:, I don't think it's an error but wow, it looks a little strange to me..
Colors well nothing wrong there, they look perfect as usual, you mastered how to put them and in the correct position ;D
Then the different froms..
Nothing wrong to me, they look exactly how they should look if Kai was a canon character in the show, they are all correct and well made, the only thing that maybe it can be wrong is with all the SSj forms for only a reason, a SSJ has a much more brighter color than when is in a normal state, here the colors look exactly like his normal form and that it can be an error and the SSj3 has more brighter colors than a SSj so yeah, I did noticed that but It's not a big problem but maybe for a Dbz nerd it can be an big error ;D
And finnaly the background..
I don't know what to say about that, It look realistic and well made so o, no problem.
Anyway here's my critique, can't wait for more drawings ^.^
What do you think?
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I would like to start off by stating that I fully agree with you Kai in terms of making each OC unique and working with certain conditions regarding said OC's that can cause traits to change from the "normal" Saiyans. :)

I agree with RyoGenji in the fact that I believe you chose a proper pose for your Character. I believe the "Super Vegeta"pose is befitting of Kai and his personality.

I also really like the fact that Kai's tail stays the regular brown color all throughout his transformations up until SSJ4. This also adds a touch of uniqueness to the character.

Color wise the saiyan armor is well balanced and the details on the outfit are amazing. I also really like the SSJ4 Fur andd Hair combination and agree that a purple eye tone is the best choice. The hair color for Kai's Saiyan form is also great. Good josb on the skin tones for each level. well done!

Now, as far as Hair colors go for the rest of the forms.... I beleive that you should have given them a slightly different tones as Kai's level Progressed. (much like Dragonball Z) Here's an example: [link]

Also, You should have made their Muscle mass different for each level. There should have been a way to tell the difference in strength just by looking at thee body structure and not keep it mostly the same.

All in all.... This Picture is trully amazing my friend! I'm also looking forward to seeing your future artworks. :squee:
What do you think?
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January 16, 2013
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